And just like that… she was back!

WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Yes, I’ve been away for a while but if you’ve followed my other social media channels you would see that I had never left. Well, I did leave London but I didn’t leave my social life behind.
WOW isn’t it weird when your social life, becomes your online social life, your real social life becomes just real life, and I refer to my social life as something that isn’t really social but instead my business and keeping my followers updated on my day-to-day? But yet, I have friends and family who don’t even know where on this planet I am. I’m in Sydney, Australia BTW.

That’s kinda sad… definitely something I’m going to work on this year. I have been away for a good part of last year and at that time I realised that I enjoy being surrounded by genuine people whether that be new friends, old friends, family or strangers. Being alone in Europe was not how I wanted to remember 2018 and I sure as hell was done feeling sorry for myself.

I am so proud to have done something I could have only dreamt about doing in my life. Sure it didn’t last forever but everything happened perfectly even though it may have seemed like the worst thing at the time. I will discuss more, the stories of my time in London on my youtube channel so make sure you keep an eye out for some real-talk, non-filtered experiences.

At the moment I’m putting a great deal of my time into my Youtube channel but I will also be posting once a week here on my blog for those of you who prefer reading something.

I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster and positive vibes I am bringing to 2019 as I will be sure to be putting myself in more uncomfortable situations, pushing myself and devoting more time to my beloved hobbies which include this blog and my upcoming project (which btw, is top secret).

On another note, I’ve jumped back into training nearly every day and loving it. I mix a little cardio and weights into my routine and I found within a couple of sessions, I am already becoming stronger and getting my old body back. It is not about weight loss or being skinny, but mostly about feeling stronger and healthier, which is what I lacked when I was overseas. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Law of Attraction podcasts (I know, not for everyone) and getting outdoors enjoying the sunshine whenever I can.

These days, dating is still not a priority and that is okay with me. I had bumble for about a week and got rid of it last night… what’s the point? I’ve always said I want to meet someone organically and meet them on the street, so let us see how that goes. I will for sure keep you updated on that front.

Besides all of these new ventures and attitudes, I am still the same advice-giving guru to my friends and family and to those of you who need a third party opinion. #askaway

Tyanna De Assis x

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