For most girls long hair is the goal.. as the phrase suggests long hair don’t care! But what are we not caring about? Did i miss the memo?

For a very long time (no pun intended) i wanted long, voluminous hair. I have always had pretty long hair and had no issues growing it, that shit was rapid! But it was never long enough.. it kind of felt like it stopped when it hit my chest and then enjoyed sitting there for a while. Not to mention my hair is not thick at all! I probably could curl it in 10 minutes there is probably a total of 5 strands. (Okay i’m exaggerating, there’s 6)

But anywho, i bought my first set of extensions from ZALA and they were clip ins.. after a few returns and send backs because of the wrong colour i finally found a set that matched. I used them a few times but found that i kind of hated the bulkiness that appeared near my roots and because they weren’t cut into my hair properly, they kind of just sat there looking kind of obvious. So a few months back i hit up Mr @carl_bull to give me my first ever set of tape in extensions. To say i was beyond excited is an understatement, i was looking forward to long luscious locks that made me look like a Disney Princess LITERALLY! (or Kim Kardashian whatever).


We went with two different shades of brown so it could blend well and we worked some magic! I can honestly say i felt like a TRILLION bucks (how was i still single?) – thats another story.

But yes, after a few hours of shampoos, girly chats, vino and some extensions i was out of there and thrilled to show off my new do. I got so many comments from friends and randoms who absolutely loved it! What i didn’t know was that my lack of hair expertise and maintenance would greatly affect the outcome of this head of hair i had committed too.


First of all, let me say i had 3 PACKETS of these extensions put in.. not 1 but 3! Yes go BIG or go home MAMACITA! Also you need to ensure you buy the right shampoo and conditioner and read the DIRECTIONS when washing your extensions 🙂 i did all this so not too worry. But i did find that after a month i had to remove a few pieces because they were becoming a little obvious. YES my hair started to grow again at lightning fast speed, so after removing a few pieces (about 8) i continued to rock the look. Then i had the issue of washing my hair and getting an itchy scalp! I am very prone to getting dandruff so i’m always washing my hair! But with these extensions it was hard to properly clean your roots as you had to be gentle with the tapes. So my hair just looked like a hot mess. I ended up taking my extensions out about a week ago and haven’t looked back.


I’m sure i will end up putting them in again at a later stage but for now i’m keeping it Eu Natural as my mum would say. And to be honest i’ve had just about the same amount of people come up to me and still think i have extensions in! But unfortunately i don’t. I guess the moral of the story or my review of Tape Extensions would be… get them, try them out! There are so many different kinds on the market that i’m sure will suit your hair type. You may love them and think i’m being a bit dramatic with my dandruff story and i hope you don’t have the same issues as me. But they are amazing and they do wonders for your hair and if you think it may damage your head be sure to speak to a qualified hair dresser as they will be able to analyse your hair and let you know what kind of extensions are best.

by her x

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