Beginner’s Guide to FAKE TAN

Yes my last youtube video was all about fake tan and now i am writing another post about it. It may seem like i’m shoving it down your throat. But since we are in the middle of our summer season and a lot of us for Monday to Friday, it may be a little difficult for us to face the beach on the weekend with our Casper skin tone. So instead of reiterating my favourite products which you can just view on my youtube channel¬†¬†<< LINK HERE

I thought i’d help those people out who are just starting to experiment with fake tanning at home and give you some great products that are easy to work with.

BEGINNERS – for those of you who have never fake tanned at home, or just haven’t done it in a while. I definitely would start with something light just incase you have a few issues applying it all over your body EVENLY! So i would suggest a gradual tanning moisturiser. These are easy to apply and you don’t have to shower after applying it, these products are just normal moisturisers that contain a slight tanned colour that leaves your skin a shade darker. You aren’t going to wake up feeling like you got back from holidays, but you definitely won’t be as pale as you started. If you already are tanned these creams are perfect to maintain that colour and add a little more glow to your skin. I always make sure to get a moisturiser that you can put on your face as well. I just don’t like tanning my body and leaving my face white! But some people don’t mind applying foundation to balance out the colour.











FREQUENT USERS – for those of you who use fake tan every time you go out for special events, parties, functions etc. You most likely would want something a lot darker than the moisturisers but not so dark people know its as fake as their Louis Vuitton bag. Cmon ladies you can admit it! So if i am intending to go out on the weekend i usually plan ahead and tan on THURSDAY. Most people know that this is the perfect day to fake tan because we all know by the second day of our fake tan it gets darker. So by Friday you’ll have a great colour and by Saturday even better! So i always use a foam/mousse for these events as they give me the best colour, just remember you might need to sleep in the tan so cover your bed sheets and wear some loose dark clothes!











PRO TANNERS – for all of you who require a tan 365 days of the year NO EXCUSES. I do try to have some sort of colour going on with my skin but it can be hard to find a great product that doesn’t come off badly during those Tuesday/Wednesday days off. The products below have helped me keep a year round tan without the patches and hopefully will help all you guys aiming to get that year round glow.










Now for all of you that need to know the best products to remove tan, prep the skin or apply self tanner SEE BELOW:









by her x

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