HAPPY 2019… where have I been?

I hope everyone had a fun-filled 2018 and embarked on a positive & adventurous 2019. I, for one, got to celebrate my first New Years in London at the Hilton Hotel and it was definitely a little different to the Australian New Year’s events I’ve previously attended. For the first time ever I did not see any fireworks but that is all good because I think New Years is great to celebrate with people who you want to bring into your life the following year.

Apart from that, I have been very MIA (missing in action) on Youtube and my blog and that is because a whole lot is changing!! I will be able to reveal more in just over a week, so hold on tight. Every year I tend to set myself some new goals that I’d like to accomplish as well as write a little memoir on my journey the past year. So my New Years resolution for 2019 is to become super fit again (I have to be honest), I haven’t been working out at all and I’ve only been to the gym three times since July. HORRIBLE!!! My other New Years resolution is to quit eating chips, yes CHIPS (hot chips, crisps, french fries, wedges, sweet potato chips, nachos) Every kind. I heard that Cindy Crawford doesn’t eat french fries so I am trying to follow suit. Last year I gave up french fries for seven months, so I don’t think it will be that hard. Mind you, I did go to a Mexican restaurant recently and had a few tortilla chips with dip not realising that they were counted as chips! So since then, I have not touched one, OKAY.

Moving on, I usually write a little piece just before the beginning of the New Year but since I was working up to the last day of the year and then caught a flu (yes, again) I didn’t get a chance… so here goes!

My thoughts on 2018, the year that I dared myself to do something crazy and actually accomplished it. It was a year of many different things, I worked for a great company met so many different people who I know will remain close to me this coming year and I realised a lot about myself. Before I embarked on my journey to London a lot of things were up in the air for me. I knew what I wanted to do with my life but didn’t know how I was going to do it. I hit a stalemate and lost so much motivation and I knew I needed to change something. I decided earlier in the year that I should move overseas and that is what I did. I have been overseas since July and I can safely say that it has been eye-opening, to say the least… from relationship breakdowns and being in uncomfortable situations to living my best life and meeting great people, I can say I had an amazing year and I am super lucky to have been fortunate enough to experience these things.

Not everything worked out to plan, but that’s life. That is one thing I learnt this year. Everyone always says your goals and dreams take hard work and dedication… but you just hear that, it doesn’t mean you actually take it on board and believe it. Sometimes I found myself thinking ‘why hasn’t this happened for me yet?’ ‘why is this not working out the way I wanted?’ the simple answer to that was that I wasn’t working hard enough. If I really wanted everything I dreamed of I needed to really push myself. These things don’t come easy and I really took note of that by the end of the year. I also learned that things don’t happen fast and exactly when you want them too. Be sensible and set yourself a realistic time limit. We all want things NOW! I can easily relate. But it isn’t going to happen (I mean I’m all about law of attraction) but things come to you when you really work for it, believe it and deserve it.

Another thing I learned about myself this year is that I am okay on my own. But it doesn’t mean I want to be on my own forever. I have been single for a very long time and I used the excuse a lot that I have to focus on my career and I didn’t need someone to fulfil my life etc etc. But being without family and close friends AND also being single is not fun. It isn’t great when you can’t share your experiences with the people you love every day. Although I have learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was, it has been a tough mental battle to pull myself together in moments that have been a struggle. I have not spoken aloud to myself as much as I have the last few months just to get me through those trying times. I have missed birthdays, Christmas, New years and a lot of small get-togethers that I once took for granted and that is always something that I will forever wonder if it was all worth it?

What I do know, is that I do not regret moving overseas in 2018, traveling Europe this past summer and getting to see things and meet people I would have never come across, had I not moved. This year I hope I can become mentally stronger, be a positive role model to my friends and family and become happier with myself the way I am.

Tyanna De Assis x

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