My LASH Nightmare

As many of you may know, recently i’ve been treating myself to eyelash extensions. I have found a great girl who i go to who does them every 4 weeks when i see some spaces starting to emerge. However as of late, my eyelashes have been causing me nightmares! I have now begun to pull out all my eyelashes ¬†even without thinking..

It all started when i had a few lashes fall out (WHICH IS NORMAL) they tend to fall out when a new real lash comes through. I would start to gently pull to see which ones were loose and then i unleashed what would become my own version of ‘Strangest Addictions.‘ I remember a few years back my sister pulled half her eyebrow off and i sat there and thought are you normal??? But she said she didn’t even realise what she was doing. Now i know the feeling… i am sitting there watching TV and pulling my eyelashes out! Let me tell you, before i had eyelash extensions this was never an issue. I had very long lashes and i got compliments all the time, as i am writing this i probably have a little over 4 false lashes left and GOD knows how many real lashes are there. I have definitely lost most of them from this bad habit and i am opting out of getting extensions ever again! Unless its my wedding of course or a company sponsors me haha.


So as i end this post on a bitter sweet memory of my long lashes, i am also looking into my next Beauty Product Trial of the month. It might as well be a Lash product to boost these babies that i have destroyed.

by her x

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