Mykonos… the island of

Let me start by saying Mykonos was not what I expected it to be. Maybe because I had seen so many peoples snapchats partying it up and drinking from large watermelons! But nevermind that. I was in Mykonos in August for a few days and wanted to get the most out of my short time there. I am not a massive party animal so I wasn’t too excited (sorry guys) about heading over there to get wasted and ruin my liver.

I arrived late at night (11 pm) yes that is very late to me and headed to a club straight away. BIG MISTAKE! I had just gotten off a flight, you can only imagine how irritable the airport makes you feel and then checking-in and getting the energy to put something decent on and cover your pimples with some bronzed up foundation and lipstick! yes, that already sounds tiring enough. I definitely wasn’t heading out to drink the first night as I wanted to be fresh as a daisy the next day!

The club I went too (which I shall not name because frankly, I can’t even remember) was so dirty, not to mention seeing people putting themselves under quite dangerous circumstances. I sound a little pretentious but I promise I’m not. I just didn’t like the vibe! SO MOVING ON…

After this not so amazing first night, I booked a quad bike HELL YEAH and rode around Greece with the wind in my hair and my hair in my mouth. Sunburnt shoulders and freckles were what I was about. I met some Italian guys who showed me around some amazing beaches and in the last couple of days spent time with one of my friends who took me to a lovely dinner at a well-known restaurant.

The last day, I spent at Scorpio’s which I adored! I definitely would head back to Mykonos just to go there and also the 180 sunset bar Mykonos which has a cool middle eastern vibe. I also spent my time at Pinky’s Beach which was relaxing after a long night. Best be sure to remember that you need to pace yourself when you are planning a night out. In Mykonos, no one goes out until midnight. So have a little nap, especially if you are cranky pants like me. The next time, hopefully, I’ll head off to Greece with my boyfriend (FYI, I don’t have one yet) or a bigger group of people.

Tyanna x

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