PARTY TIME in Ibiza & Majorca

Well, I got here finally… it was time to party it up in SPAIN. I, for one, had never been to Spain but being Portuguese I thought I had it in the bag. I was wrong!!! I definitely couldn’t understand 90% of the people here and I believe my first question to most was “Hi, do you speak English?” So besides the language barrier, I faced the rest was pretty easy breezy Covergirl.

First stop was Majorca or Mallorca. Who knows? I stayed in an amazing hotel with amazing views and an incredible BREAKFAST BUFFET!! The best I’ve ever seen. It was ridiculous!! I would go back just for that. There was hot food, cold food, fruits, chocolates, dairy, dairy free, bread, desserts, sugar, everything you could possibly want was there.

Other than that, when visiting Majorca I’d highly suggest hitting up the hot spots such as Tito’s where I got to see Robin Schulz perform. I also love The Social Club which is directly across the road. Majorca has great restaurants and nightlife you can’t miss. So definitely try to find the hidden spots for a great night out or even someday clubs Nikkis Beach was one of my faves.

Then I headed to IBIZA. I-BE-THA, we all have our own way of pronouncing it. Ibiza is what many of you may assume! PARTY CENTRAL. But if you are thinking of going out be sure to sleep until 10:30 pm and then start getting ready because most clubs are not even open until 1 am. YEP, as you may know. I’m usually in bed at 9:30 pm so Ibiza was pretty much a trainwreck for me. I did head out a few times but when MOMMY needs her sleep, she is gonna get it! A few places I’d suggest to head to would be Ocean Beach Ibiza, Hi & Ushuaia. These were by far the best clubs and you definitely want to head there when a good DJ is playing.

In Spain, I was lucky enough to see Robin Schulz, Black Coffee, Jonas Blue & Kygo. So there are definitely a lot of opportunities to see some great people.

I’m just about to upload my Spain VLOG so be sure to check that out on my Youtube channel!

by her x


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