Seeing Red! My Rosacea Treatment

If you are like me and suffer from redness on some parts of your face then you will also be with me on finding a solution FAST! I was always asked “Are you sick?” or “Your nose is so sunburnt!” and be like LISTEN this is me normally. In the winter my nose was Rudolph and in summer my nose was Rudolph with third-degree burns. I hated it, I always felt like I couldn’t go makeup-free because my nose would be a tomato.

I looked into a lot of creams and tried and tested all of the best ones. They don’t work, so don’t bother… then I went for a more invasive approach. I looked up IPL treatments at my local laser clinic and found something that ‘supposedly’ worked. I had run out of options so I booked in my first 4 treatments (as this is how many you need) and started the process of becoming an evener skin tone and no more rosy-posey. The first treatment lasted about 2 minutes. They put a gel on your face and start the laser up. It does sting a little, but if you can get over a minute worth of pain you will be fine. It’s like someone is hitting your face with an elastic band that is on fire (yes, sounds extreme).

However, after my first treatment, I already noticed the difference! Of course, your entire face turns into a tomato for the next 30-50mins but the reward of having a perfect modelesque face is so much more!! I had to re-visit the clinic every 2.5 weeks and voil√† my face has never been better. I should probably go back every 6-12 months to re-do my face but I haven’t yet as my last treatment was just over 2 months ago.

I wish I had done it sooner, maybe then I’d be married with kids right now (just kidding). But you get what I mean, don’t suffer from something if there is a solution out there. I just wish I had discovered it sooner.

Tyanna De Assis x



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