Suns out Buns out

Holy Moly!!! Its getting hot in Sydney… It just hit summer and i feel like i’m already dripping of boob sweat. TMI whatever… So i think i’ve been to the beach a few times as well as the pool and tried to tan on top of my FAKETAN as we all do.

However, before i get out there and turn into a lobster i have my favourite all time products to get you through those sweltering days and have the best time this summer.


We can’t all turn into those Brazilian Bombshells (P.S Victorias Secret Fashion Show is on our screens Thursday 8th Dec, Channel 9, 8:30pm CANT WAITTTTT)
Back to the idea i was going with… we may not all be able to get a dark summer glow but we are all possible to get a little darker than our usual meat deprived anaemic looking self.

Before i begin let me just say i cannot stand the mess that comes with going to the beach. First of all the main issue is the sand getting everywhere and all over your crap.. I hate any sunscreen that is in liquid form. It gets way too greasy and messy. So my first rule of thumb is to use a sunscreen spray which is more like a mist. That way you don’t have to get your hands dirty rubbing it in.



For tanning purposes nothing goes past coconut tanning oil. I personally use the one with ZERO SPF and thats only because i use the mist underneath the oil so i have the SPF already on my skin. If that makes any sense.. But before i get out there i always make sure i have my Bondisands Ultra Dark mousse perfectly blended so i don’t look like a ghost floating across the sand into the shark infested waters.



Inflatable Toys are killing it at the moment and are perfect for the pool. To be honest i share a pool with way too many people to be bringing around my 2metre Swan with me on pool dates. I am also past the age where this is tres cool, maybe after a few drinks i can pull it off. But i definitely can’t see myself walking 20metres with a giant plastic looking animal on my arm. Nevertheless, these inflatable toys are great if you have your own private pool and have a few friends around. They are also quite the PHOTO OP!



Lastly, to capture this perfect photo op without ruining your the thing that everybody is in need of but yet haven’t quite caught on. The waterproof phone case has been around for a little while now. I personally don’t own one because my phone gets too hot as it is, in the heat and then it loves to tell me that “Iphone is too hot to use, needs to cool down” yeah mate kthanks. But i will be looking into getting one for future purposes and bikini moments.



Hopefully you find this post helpful or at least informative. Now get out there and enjoy the rays!

by her x

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