The countdown to Europe

I am officially counting down the days, hours, minutes & seconds till I can get out of this freezing cold and into the sun and tan this Casper body I currently have.

I kind of started packing, if you can call 15 bikinis in a bag packing. But I definitely need some sort of checklist to make sure I bring everything I need for 5 weeks away.

I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve learnt that you need certain things that you may forget to bring with you. So I decided to write down the list here, so you and I have something to refer to when going overseas.

Supplies & Accessories you will need
1. Adaptor (depending on what country you are travelling too)
2. Chargers
3. Powerbank (I recommend investing in a good quality one)
4. Hand Sanitiser
5. Body Moisturiser
6. Vaseline (this is good for almost everything)
7. Mini First Aid Kit (create your own, bring what you use most i.e. Aderol, Anti-Nausea, Bandaids, Anti-Inflammatory)
8. Hair elastics, Bobby pins
9. Deodorant & roll on perfume

Clothing Items you will need
1. Loungewear (anything comfortable i.e leggings, tights, bike shorts, tracksuits, basic tees)
2. Swimmers (obviously)
3. Jeans
4. Sandals, Wedges
5. Denim Shorts
6. Summer Dress
7. Hat
8. Sunnies
9. Basic Tees

Things you DONT NEED to bring
1. Towel (I’m sure you can find these anywhere)
2. Toothbrush & Toothpaste (should be supplied on the flight)
3. Sunscreen (every shop will have this)
4. Makeup (like, actually! Only the basics are necessary)
5. Hot Hair Tools (humidity kills every hairstyle)
6. Stilettos (cobblestone streets are everywhere)

The rest is all up to you! It does get hard sometimes, especially if you want to photograph outfits because you have to bring everything with you. But if you can mix and match a few items and buy the rest there (DUH shopping) then that’s your best bet.

by her x

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